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Pocket MineEntertainment, Action, Arcade
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  • Current Version: 2.1.0
  • Device Type: Designed for both iPhone and iPad (iOS Universal)
  • Pocket Mine
  • Pocket Mine
  • Pocket Mine
  • Pocket Mine

Whats New? Top

  • (6160 Votes)
    You can now reset your pick to level 1, for a permanent +10 hits bonus!

    New Ore!
    The very rare Emerald, Topaz, Spinel and Sapphire are now in the mines! Can you dig deep enough?

    New Cards Pack!
    The shop now has cards packs for all the crafters out there!

    Bug fixes and enhancement:
    -Fixed random cards in the factory
    -Fixed showing which card is being crafted
    -Added a confirmation on all ruby transactions
    -Added a slider to long menus
  • Free
    - Added a confirmation screen on purchase of the pick axe emergency repair
    - Added a new pick axe visual for users with 200 hp pick axes
    - Added the ability to sync game progress using your Game Center account
    - Made it easier to access booster card packs
    - Fixed a crash for users with a high number of Game Center friends
    - Fixed a crash that occurred when locking a card while shuffling the deck
    - Fixed a crash when launching the game when logged in to Facebook
    - Fixed a bug that caused the magnet power-up’s sound to remain active
    - Fixed a bug where the pick durability bonus to be overwritten when breaking a heal crate

    Thanks for playing!

    Please report any bug or issue to
    New App

App Requirements Top

To run Pocket Mine version 2.1.0, your mobile device must have at least 44.8 MB of free space. You can download this app using cellular network. This Game stored under Entertainment, Action, Arcade. New version of Pocket Mine game for both iPhone and iPad (iOS Universal) is available. Download version 2.1.0 with all new features from iTunes App Store for FREE.

Having found any problems with app-installation, bugs, failures, errors or questions and proposals on further developments, please, turn to Roofdog Games Roofdog Games inc., following

Copyright © Roofdog Games inc.

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Manically dig for treasures and explore the underground in this fast-paced mining-themed arcade game.

By 148appsPocket Mine is a fast-paced arcade game about mining. The goal of the game is for players to dig as deep down underground as possible before breaking

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The new game from the makers of Extreme Road Trip!

It’s mine o’clock, time to dig! Tap the blocks to delve deeper and deeper in your Pocket Mine. Find treasure chests, rare artifacts and trigger explosive chain reactions!

Build your deck of booster cards to reach your maximum digging potential and reach the top of the leaderboards!

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