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Love and Dragons HDAdventure, Family
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  • Current Version: 1.24
  • Device Type: Designed for iPad
  • Love and Dragons HD
  • Love and Dragons HD
  • Love and Dragons HD
  • Love and Dragons HD

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  • (2335 Votes)
    St. Valentine's Day Celebrations are in full swing in the land of dragons — don't miss this thrilling event!
    -A new contest: beat the high scores and win special prizes!
    -Discover exciting new quests, unique collections and amulets!
    -A new wonderful location has opened: the Love Harbor!
    -And lots of tweaks and fixes to improve the game's stability.
    See you there!
  • Free
    - Everyone is getting ready for Halloween — come celebrate the holiday with us!
    - New adventures and quests.
    - A mysterious new area: the Armory.
    - New holiday collections and amulets!
    - Minor technical enhancements
    New App

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To run Love and Dragons HD version 1.24, your mobile device must have at least 246.89 MB of free space. You should probaply use broadband internet connection (WIFI) to download this app. This Game stored under Adventure, Family. New version of Love and Dragons HD game for iPad is available. Download version 1.24 with all new features from iTunes App Store for FREE.

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A hidden object game of fantasy, mystery, and magic, Love and Dragons is a visual marvel but may only be of interest to fans of the genre.

By 148appsHidden object games have become quite popular on the App Store, with more and more developers creating games of a similar nature. From the creators of

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Love and Dragons is the newest hidden objects game by Game Insight who created the magnificent Mystery Manor and the mystical Mirrors of Albion. The game takes place in the magical world, where dragons live - in the world of warriors and mages, of love and betrayal, of honor and infamy.
You will encounter intrigue, crime and magical swirls of secre Read More