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Crazy Fred for iPadLifestyle, Action, Arcade
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  • Current Version: 1.0
  • Device Type: Designed for iPad
  • Crazy Fred for iPad
  • Crazy Fred for iPad
  • Crazy Fred for iPad
  • Crazy Fred for iPad

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To run Crazy Fred for iPad version 1.0, your mobile device must have at least 26.8 MB of free space. You can download this app using cellular network. This Game stored under Lifestyle, Action, Arcade. Crazy Fred for iPad game for iPad is available on App Store. Download it for just $0.99

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The Tale

Fred the little fish was caught along with his parents in the northern pacific ocean and taken to Alaska, from where they will be sent to Australia so that a wealthy man could display them in a gigantic aquarium. During the departure from the dock, Fred escapes and starts his journey to find and rescue his parents.

Fred’s parents are be Read More