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A-hole (President, Scum)Entertainment, Card, Family
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  • Current Version: 1.4
  • Device Type: Designed for both iPhone and iPad (iOS Universal)
  • A-hole (President, Scum)
  • A-hole (President, Scum)
  • A-hole (President, Scum)
  • A-hole (President, Scum)

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  • (5 Votes)
    $ 1.99
    *Adding new options :
    - Players can play only once in a trick.
    - Finish the trick when an 8 is played.
    - Finish the trick when 4 cards of the same rank are played.
    * The number of cards in the hands of each player is now displayed all the time.
    *Bugs fix
  • $ 1.99
    New App

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To run A-hole (President, Scum) version 1.4, your mobile device must have at least 6.25 MB of free space. You can download this app using cellular network. This Game stored under Entertainment, Card, Family. New version of A-hole (President, Scum) game for both iPhone and iPad (iOS Universal) is available. Purchase version 1.4 with all new features for only $1.99

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iTunes App Description Top

Play to the famous A-hole card game, also known as President, or Scum, on your iPhone, iPod and iPad !!

Get rid of all your cards as fast as possible, to be the next President ! Do not finish last, or you will be the a-hole.


- Game from 3 to 5 players.
- Play against opponents simulated by an advance Read More